TriCircle,Inc. 7/13 

TriCircle, Inc. (TCI) will support individuals, groups, and families to gain a sense of purpose with an advantage of lived experiences obtained throughout our programs. TCI’s strongest assets will remain the collaborations and relationships it creates locally and nationally. These assets allow our clients healthy life choices within diverse communities and cultures. TCI will work on building life skills, community outreach, education and career structuring. We will provide our alumni access to additional opportunities and resources so they may inspire other individuals and families affected by the disease of addiction.

Our vision has been broken into a 3 Phase Plan. We will make updates and information on our progress monthly.

TCI will combine its efforts with local and national organizations and businesses not only to create recovery friendly employees, but to match them with recovery friendly opportunities.

TCI’s first treatment service program will be centrally located within the state of Connecticut. Our diverse group of professionals will share their individual vocational passion with TriCircle, Corporation. The value of our program will be brought forth with integrity and transparency so the vulnerable demographic we serve feels secure with the decision to be with us. At TriCircle, Inc. we will provide the tools to build strong futures. TCI won’t be just treatment, it will be lived experience with a future.

Universal Soul Vibrations

Will be offering 15 min readings @$15

Irene Sheades is an empathic, intuitive tarot reader who receives messages from her guides and angels through clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance, and clairaudience. Irene is personable and engaging through a direct approach and delivers meaningful messages to assist you along your path.  You will enjoy Irene’s honesty, humor and sensitivity given to each reading. Irene studies at the Healing & Harmony center in Glastonbury. She also has an active YouTube and Facebook page under Universal Soul Vibrations.

Digital prints by Liz

Hey my names liz! I’m 17 going on 18, and from some dump in Connecticut. I like art a lot but don’t wanna do it professionally and am just here for a good time. If u happen to like my stuff I’d be really hyped and grateful if you checked out my art account, @gravysnake on Instagram! 

 Nancy White of Tree Turtle Designs. 

I make original handcrafted sterling silver and Cape stone jewelry. I have gathered the stones from my favorite beaches on Cape Cod. Each one tumbled smooth by the ocean and kept in it's natural, beautiful state. I wash them thoroughly and sort them carefully by size, shape and color. I then choose complimentary and contrasting stones, bringing them together to create something unique, and elegant in it's simplicity. 

Making a pair of earrings is a little bit more of a process. Matching two natural stones that are close in color, size and shape to make a pair of earrings is an exciting challenge. I love being able to offer the energy of the ocean through my work.

My services are spiritual guidance, coaching, and psychic reading.

“A reading with Evernia is like nothing you’ve experienced before. She facilitates life coaching as well as spiritual counseling and ancestral/lifepath healing through the voices and symbolism of the bones. With Inspired guidance from the Spirit World, Evernia will help you uncover meaningful answers and pathways to understanding.”

Stairway to Healing Light llc

 Learn how to relax with Denise Cassella a Certified Reiki Master Teacher & Certified Sound Healer, Certified and Ordained Interfaith Minister; who is a Descendant of Pope John the 23rd & 1/8 Native American Cherokee.  Who is also a Certified Shaman, Angelic & Spiritual Guide Intuitive, and Medical Qigong Associate Instructor. 

We are a CBD product store, selling edibles, inhalables, cosmetics, skin care, oils, pet products and more. For more information please go to

Your Essential Grace

Krystal is currently undergoing Usui reiki trianing. Right now she is a level II practitioner. She incorporates reiki into all her products. Krystal is also the co-owner of Heart2heart Fashion.  Heart2heart Fashion was founded when two women met and learned about each others love for crafting. Starting out as only jewelry, it evolved into a crochet clothing line.  

Both owners learned to crochet as children and are operating from two different states. Shipping is available worldwide.

Heart2heart Fashion is not only a business, it’s a way to center ourselves in our hectic 3D lives. Crocheting for a period of time allows you to access flow and is a form of moving meditation. Each piece is hand crafted and created personally for each customer.”


My name's Naiylee and recently Ive been experimenting in different medias and quite enjoy it. Please feel free to check out some of my work on my instagram @_wolfowitz_ , please also feel free to ask me about commissions!!

Lori barker  


Art is my Church, Reiki is my Prayer

Lori Barker’s work is an imitation of her life – an ongoing collage, deep with excitement and spiritual mysteries. As she explains it, “As a Reiki master working with energy healing, there is always the desire to explore the other side of matter and thus express what the artist inside sees.”


Lori Barker’s mixed media work blends nature and spirituality into an exploration of the rhythms of life. Angels, in particular, inspire her and are Lori’s trusted muse. The work is about the poetry that lives beneath the surface of things where layers of paper, paint, wood, fabric, metal and images come alive creating an altered world. 

“This work is a reflection of me. When I am creating, I often feel frustrated until the materials begin to speak to me. At that time, it’s like I’m flying and lose track of time. I work with a collection of materials creating a unique conversation within each composition. Creativity allows me to crystallize my experience and tone the muscles of imagination.”

Way of the Heart Festival is run by a group of dedicated volunteers.