Steven Farina has been meditating under the guidance of his Buddhist teacher Ajahn Bounlieng for 5 years. He is a recovering addict. He has become liberated from self doubt through meditation. Steven is an author, community outreach advocate, volunteer, meditation teacher and sat on the addiction policy forum committee for the Connecticut chapter in 2018. The Buddhist practice of tranquility, concentration and insight meditation have been instrumental in his transformation from active addiction to self love, happiness and liberation.

Kelvin Young is an Addiction Recovery Coach, Sound Practitioner and Owner of Sacred Sound Healing, LLC. The first time he was exposed to sound healing, Kelvin discovered the sounds of the crystal and Tibetan singing bowls and gongs calmed his mind, relaxed his body and nourished his soul. He went on to study sound healing with Master Sound Healers, Paul Hubbert of the Holographic Sound and Inner Balance and Satya Brat Jaiswal of the International Academy of Sound Healing, Kelvin has also studied with Brian Luke Seaward of Inspiration Unlimited, a renowned international expert in the field of stress management.


Kelvin has presented around the country in diverse settings, including Yoga Reaches Out, Newtown Yoga Festival, Indie Yoga in San Francisco, CA, Alex Grey's Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, yoga studios, retreat centers, conferences, colleges, prisons, addiction treatment centers, psychiatric inpatient units at state hospitals and mental health agencies.


Kelvin also was presented with the 2017 Dr. F. Marcus Brown Memorial Integrative Medicine Award for exceptional commitment to incorporating integrative medicine within CT Valley Hospital, a state psychiatric hospital. Kelvin was featured in a powerful documentary on addiction recovery called Recovering Community. He also serves as the Senior Vice President of the Hartford Metro Holistic Chamber of Commerce in CT.


Kelvin incorporates holistic practices into his daily routine by eating a vegan/plant-based diet, reading, practicing sound meditation, deep breathing exercises with essential oils, listening to uplifting and relaxing music, dancing, body movement, drumming, spending quality time in nature and co-creating  authentic relationship with others,


Today, he continues to share his story of finding freedom from alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, heroin and opiates and facilitates holistic stress management classes and workshops for individuals, businesses, non-profit organizations and addiction treatment centers. He is passionate about holding space for people to heal and is known for his warm, loving and down-to-earth way of connecting with people. 

Erin Day is a Yoga mentor and writer who has been teaching Yoga for almost two decades and feels deeply grateful to be able to make this her life's work. "Yoga has been my strength, it returned me to my body after experiencing heartache and loss. This practice helps me recognize myself and stay true to who I am.  I am a gentle, quiet, strong and creative force who loves to nurture others." 


Rachel J. Lazarus, LMT graduated from the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy in 2014 from a program which nearly doubles the requirements for the state. She is a Reiki Master/Teacher. She integrates Eastern and Western modalities and believes in the power of positive touch to make health and wellness a priority for her clients. She is the owner of Wellness Allowance, LLC located in Simsbury, CT and is currently working in conjunction with Hartford Hospital to bring integrative medicine to its patients and staff. 

Jay Van Schelt is a Mind-Body Researcher, Personal and Professional Development and Personal Life Coach, Recognized 6th Degree Black Belt, and is a Master Instructor of Qi-Gong, T’ai Chi, Meditation and Guided Imagery.


Jay founded and served as Director of the Mind-Body Institute of Avon CT for 5 years. Previously, he served as Regional Director of Operations and Development for 15 years For a local health and wellness chain with 12 locations.  He was designated a master trainer for Dr. Paul Lam’s international Tai Chi for Arthritis program for over 10 years hosting over 120 training seminars nationwide for that program. He was also nominated and served as a founding board member of the Tai Chi For Health Foundation that grew out of Dr. Lam’s Tai Chi organization for 5 years.


Jay has received extensive training in both the time-honored Oriental Mind-Skill Development Practices and modern Mind-Body Medicine approaches to:

  • Realize improvements and dissolve negatives in any area of your life or life situations.

  • Dissolve unnecessary mental and/ or emotional blocks that have been holding you back of feeling “stuck” or underperforming.

  • Manage difficult challenges, situations and to make relationships better … and better.

Chloe Cook is a Master Teacher of Usui Reiki.  This spiritual counselor brings a holistic approach to clients and students with her work.  She utilizes intuitive development, meditations, sound therapy, aromatherapy, color/art therapy, animal therapy, herbalism, and Reiki.  When teaching and practicing a deep understanding of individual needs and learning syles, (auditory, visual, kinetic, etc.), she incorporates support for each person on an unique and on going basis.  Her practice of Buddhism and Yoga, as well as her travels and experiences,  have highlighted an understanding of diversity and world perspective.  Her business, "Layers of Harmony", provides a myriad of sessions and classes which help people discover their innate wisdom and own healing capacity. Let it Hurt. Let it Heal. Let it Go.

Shim Bo Sunim Reverend Shim Bo (Heart-Mind of Awakening) is a Zen Buddhist Monk/Priest serving as Abbot and Spiritual Director of White Lotus Haven Zen of Connecticut—an American Zen Buddhist community. He offers Zen Buddhist teachings/training, meditation instruction for individuals and groups, and officiates Buddhist liturgy. Rev. Shim Bo, (previous dharma name, Bo Gak Sunim), is the author of the children's book, "Wake Up Little Sunim".

Daniel Bracken has lived a life immersed in the study of martial/meditative/energy arts, shamanism, philosophy, and spirituality. Trust the Emergent(TM) is the foundational practice of Emergent Living.(TM)It revealed itself when Daniel looked deeply into his suffering following an intense spiritual awakening. Its purpose is to assist people in reducing their suffering, and take concrete steps in the direction of true freedom, deep peace, and empowered living.
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Becki Tendrich MS, CPC is a Holistic Coach, Ecotherapist, Shamanic Reiki Practitioner, and Creative Workshop Facilitator. She is passionate about empowering people to activate their own healing and reconnect with the nature of who they are. She accomplishes this through engaging individuals and groups and co-creating a safe space where open hearted and honest conversation can take place. Becki also believes our innate connection to nature plays a significant role in our healing and overall well being. She seeks to honor this sacred relationship through acknowledging and incorporating Mother Nature into all her work.

Katie Young | E-RYT 200, RYT 500 | Mindfulness Facilitator | WEYS Tribe Teacher

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My name is Katie Young and movement is my medicine. I have practiced yoga for over 7 years, but it was when my mom gifted me my first yoga mat at 21 that it became my daily practice.
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Intrigued by the spiritual practice, I devoted my energy to learning more about mindfulness, meditation, crystal healing, plant medicine, nature and inner self studies. I was called to South America, traveling through Peru, Ecuador and Colombia over the course of 18 months. When I returned home in 2016, I received my 200hr yoga teacher certification from True Self Academy. In 2017 I began offering classes and workshops in several studios, learning and strengthening my practice as a teacher as well as becoming Reiki I and II certified. In 2018 I received my 300hr yoga certification from Wild Essence Yoga School. During this time I served as an assistant for the WEYS 200hr program.
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In my 3 years of teaching I have taught 1000+ hours of classes, workshops, women's circles, youth mindfulness groups, prenatal yoga and 1:1 yoga sessions. I am currently a lead teacher for WEYS programs and am facilitating the 2019 85hr prenatal yoga teacher training as well as the 2019/2020 200hr CT program. I offer online yoga classes and mentorship programs for students and teachers seeking to deepen their practice.

Zen and Now 2019 200hr Yoga teacher training students will be offering a collaborative asana flow.
Way of the Heart Festival is run by a group of dedicated volunteers.